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5 Step Guide for Troubleshooting a Scotsman Ice Machine

September 2, 2022 cooleditor No Comments

Anybody who’s ever owned a Scotsman Ice Machine knows how durable and profitable they are. They’re also very popular in the market because of their superior technology and high-end features, making them ahead of their competitors. However, even such energy star certified machines are bound to malfunction or need maintenance. Some issues might just require cleaning and sanitization. While some issues may force you to replace a part of the machine or call for Scotsman Ice Machine Repair Service. And we’re here to suggest when to do either of those things.

So let’s cut to the chase.

Troubleshooting a Scotsman Ice Machine

Your ice machine may not be producing enough ice, or it might not be working at all. Some might have a problem with leaks (inside or outside the machine). While some may deal with molding and freezing. Whatever it might be, you can follow these steps for service diagnosis and troubleshoot your ice machine to get it up and running perfectly again.

Step 1: Check for a Blown Fuse or Breaker

The first thing to do when your unit stops working is to check if you have a blown fuse or breaker. You can replace the blown fuse and reset the breaker to solve the problem.

Sometimes you might also experience the compressor cycling intermittently. In this case, check the voltage at the supply of the building. The minimum requirement for the machine to work is 103.5 V. If the issue still persists, check the circuit for overloading.

Step 2: Check for a Dirty Condenser

Another reason why your compressor cycles intermittently is when you have a dirty condenser or when there is no air circulation around the unit. The result of this can be a decrease in the ice producing capacity of the unit.

So make sure you clean the condenser and allow sufficient air to circulate around the unit.

Step 3: Check for Molding

If you’re getting cloudy, irregular ice cubes or if ice production is really low, you might want to check for mold and buildup in your ice machine. Check if the spray nozzles and jets are clogged and if they need cleaning.

Make sure to deep clean and sanitize the unit. If your ice machine is in an area that is prone to yeast and bacteria, for example the kitchen counter, then consider moving it to some place that has less amount of moisture in the air.

Step 4: Check Water Supply and Gas Valve

If you’re still experiencing shortage of production (too low harvest or no harvest), then check if the water supply is sufficient. Also check if the inlet water valve is clogged, it might need to be cleaned or replaced.

After doing all of the above, make sure the hot gas valve is working properly and doesn’t need replacement. This is a rare issue but it might be the cause of your machine not producing ice.

Step 5: Check for Suggested Recommendations

Lastly, make sure the room temperature and water temperature are according to the requirements laid out by the manufacturers. That is, Indoors should be a minimum room temperature of 500 F and a maximum room temperature of 1000 F. Similarly, water temperature to the machine should be between 400 F and 1000 F.

If it’s not between the minimum and maximum limits, then try changing the location of the ice machine.

In case you’ve tried all the above steps and your Scotsman Ice Machine is still not working properly, it’s time to get the technician and schedule repairs. Luckily, for folks in Houston, Cool Results offer the most efficient and timely refrigeration repair services in town. Schedule an appointment and you’ll be rest assured to have your machine up and running in no time!

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