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Hoshizaki Ice Machine Repair Service

We know how frustrating it is for you when your ice machines aren’t working properly. Fortunately, you can use this Hoshizaki manual to help diagnose common problems with the machine and find solutions for them. 

Troubleshooting Hoshizaki Ice Machine Repair Problems                                                                         

Problem 1: When there’s no ice.

Power Supply – Check if the Hoshizaki Ice Machine is connected properly or not, is not loose, and every element is in order. 

Fuse – Check the electrical panel for a short circuit if the fuse is off. Most chances it’s a short circuit, and if not, get professional help from Cool Results.

Door Switch – Check the position of the switch and any associated contacts & connections. There won’t be any ice dispensation if the front panel is not in position. Fix the position and if you find it difficult by yourself, give us a call and we can also guide you through the entire process of doing it and fixing the minor problem with your Hoshizaki Ice Machine.

Gear Motor – There are a few things that could go wrong with your gear motor and we’ll take an in-depth look at them next time. For now, just make sure to allow it to cool down or replace any opened winding before anything else happens! If not, call us for Hoshizaki Ice Machine Repair Service.

Problem 2: What happens when there’s Abnormal noise? 

Gear Motor – If you have a worn-out motor or gear head, that’s where the noise is coming from. The only best way to fix it is to replace it. If you find it difficult doing it yourself, call Cool Results for Hoshizaki Ice Machine Repair Services

Mechanism – A bad setting or alignment of the sprocket may be the culprit, which can be fixed with oiling, cleaning, and readjusting the mechanism. It’s simple really. Just needs a little bit of care and attentive work. Once it’s clean, it will function smoothly and well.

Solenoid – There may be an abnormal noise if the solenoid is overloaded to loosen screws. You’ll need to tighten them and apply thread sealant as necessary or try giving part a cleaning. If that fails to work, give us a call for any repairing or maintenance services for your Hoshizaki Ice Machine. We will be there in no time and fix it for you!

These tips are mostly specific for this type of maker/model but if you need assistance beyond, give us a quick call and we will be there in no time for your Hoshizaki Ice Machine Repair Services in Houston

If you still face any issues, check your ice machines warranty services for Hoshizaki Ice Machine Repair in Houston. Better yet, reach out to cool results for coolest results.

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