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Commercial Freezer Repair Houston


Cool Results provides high-quality refrigeration services. Our company specializes in home and commercial freezer repair, maintenance, and emergency response. 

The food service industry is all about engaging displays. If you want customers to buy your products, they’d better be looking great on the shelves with an imaginative design and bright lighting system that can make even shrimp or a bag of peas seem appetizing! Today’s freezers come equipped for maximum visibility thanks in part from illuminate versions – providing consumers a greater chance at grabbing their attention before it slips away

A successful business relies heavily upon its ability to capture potential buyers’ interest quickly enough so as not to lose them forever; this means having things appear attractive right when people enter inside stores.


How To Know Which Commercial Freezer To Buy?

When buying a commercial freezer, make sure it has LED lighting to reduce energy consumption and cost. LEDs last 15 times longer than traditional CFL or incandescent lights while using much less wattage! You should also look for eco-friendly options that will help you save on utility bills too. If you need any commercial freezer installation services in Houston”, call us! We will install it and set it all up at a pocket-friendly price. 

Freezers are a must for any kind of food service business. We are here to ensure your business runs smoothly and you get your commercial freezer repaired for any trouble it faces. We provide commercial freezer maintenance services as well. Choose your freezer well, and repair servicemen even better. Cool Results will troubleshoot any of your freezer troubles. 


Troubleshooting A Commercial Freezer

Commercial freezers are a must-have for convenience stores, restaurants, and cafeterias. If they’re not maintained properly or have failures that lead to compressor issues your entire business can suffer! Cool Results offers professional commercial freezer maintenance in Houston”. We are here to help you avoid these costly inconveniences by observing the equipment closely as well as repairing it when needed. 

You might need repair services for your commercial freezer when-:

  • The power is on, but no display appears on the control board
  • There is some display on the control board, but the compressor does not run 
  • There is a High Discharge Pressure 
  • There is Low Discharge Pressure
  • There is High Suction Pressure 
  • There is Low Suction Pressure
  • The difference between the actual cold storage room temperature and the setpoint on the control panel is huge. If so happens you can use some quick home remedies by calling Cool results for a teleconsultation on commercial freezer repair, in Houston”
  • Evaporator fins have heavy frost build-up 
  • High-Temperature Alarm 
  • Defrost cycles end up with uncleared frost
  • Drain Pan full of ice 
  • The unit creates a humming noise when the display screen flashes 


Need more help? CALL US for all your commercial freezer installation, repair, or maintenance services in Houston.


Commercial Freezer Repair near me in Houston (Labor Warranty)

Cool Results is the perfect company to hire for all your Commercial freezer repair needs. As a major player in this industry, we offer amazing competitive rates and quick turnarounds with our labor warranty on service calls! Also, follow us on Facebook.

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